Welcome!  This site is a work in process.  The name, Healing Spirit Medicine, is what I had chosen for the little naturopathic medical office I opened in Tucson almost 8 years ago now.  I then started a non-profit, 501(c)3, with the same name and an intention to “provide naturopathic medicine to the under-served and un-insured”.  Around the same time, I was getting married, starting a family, and barely focusing on my career path.  I ended up at a clinic part-time with some lovely people doing good work and for years, “Healing Spirit Medicine” has just been an inactive entity I file yearly with the AZ corporation commission.

Healing Spirit Medicine, the website in progress, is in one way a response to my exasperation with the social construct of physician as near demi-god: somehow knowing the body/minds of their patients better than the patients know themselves.  The common expectation that a physician should have endlessly thorough and accurate medical knowledge at her/his disposal encourages so many of us to pretend this impossible role.  I want to be transparent and truthful to the best of my ability.

I also wanted a site that could serve as a creative outlet for myself and others.  I like the idea of having a designated spot in our time-space continuum to place my thoughts, to add resources for others, to offer portals to products like supplements or other tangible things that can enrich and heal our minds/bodies/lives.  So far, I’m enjoying the process overall.  I hope it may be of value to my visitors as well.